Ali's Leo Gift Guide

As the resident Leo at Tuesday of California, I figured I need to honor the flashy, braggadocious side of my personality. (In reality I’m a Cancer rising AND Cancer moon, so I’m a sensi lil homebody, but shhh don’t tell anyone.)

  1. First things first - paint for the claws. Mustard is pretty much the color of my aura, so I’ve gotta do a DIY socially distant mani/pedi with Death Valley Nails in Blackbush. And since it’s my season, I’m gonna jazz it up with some Walker’s Evening Primrose copper sparkles.
  2. A Leo is nothing without a mane, and Fat and the Moon shampoo and conditioner bars are the perfect pair for some beautifully clean locks.
  3. Since this time of year is all about me, I’m gonna be super indulgent and throw in a mermaid mask and self care bath soak, also by Fat and the Moon.
  4. I’ve got a toddler, so our rotten canister is perfect for hiding the good stuff from her, or else my precious bathing goods will be reduced to bath tub soup in no time.
  5. Once you’ve luxuriated in the tub and gotten your nails right, you need a dress, no? I think our Star slip is the perfect garment for your celestial meat suit. And since my birthday falls during the annual Perseid meteor shower, stars just make sense.

Happy Leo season!


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